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Accept web3 payments in WordPress
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Order Discount Based on Token

One plugin includes all features…
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Add discount rule for customers, they will get X% off, if they pay via crypto instead of fiat currency.

Enable order discount for your customers inside your Woocommerce store if they pay via cryptocurrency in a specific token where you have added a discount rule, suppose you added 5% discount for USDT so customers will get 5% discount on their order if they make a payment via USDT.

Custom Token & Discount

Yes, accept payments in your own custom token and provide discount to your users if they pay via your custom token.

Fiat vs Crypto Offers

If a customer will pay via fiat currently then he need to pay full, he will get a discount only if he pay via a cryptocurrency mentioned by you.

Our customers are loving our plugin.

I’m really happy with this plugin. Works smoothly and payment steps are easily understandable. What I like the most is that I can add my own custom token and set the price for it.
WordPress User
it is a simple and nice working plugin. it supports multiple chains but one at the time and not multiple at once, for which i hope it will do in a future update. thank you for this nice plugin.
WordPress User