WooCommerce Crypto Payments Plugin by Cool Plugins ⇗
Accept web3 payments in WordPress
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Website & Plugin

  • Cool Plugins ⇗ is the parent company responsible for the development and management of the plugin listed on this website. This website serves as a platform for marketing our plugin and its demo representation.
  • Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce – Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway” is a free version of this WordPress plugin developed by Cool Plugins. This plugin is currently listed inside WP.org free plugin directory at this url:- https://wordpress.org/plugins/cryptocurrency-payments-using-metamask-for-woocommerce/⇗  
  • PayWithCryptocurrency.net website is used to sell pro version of this plugin.
  • All purchases, downloads, and account management are handled through https://coolplugins.net.
    If you click on a purchase button on this site, you will be redirected to the checkout page on https://coolplugins.net, where payment, plugin downloads, and account-related activities are processed.
  • This website does not store any customer purchase information or plugin download details. Please visit https://coolplugins.net/my-account/ ⇗ to access your downloads after making a purchase.
  • We use third party APIs inside our plugin for fiat to crypto price conversions in real-time, we will not be responsible for any wrong data delivered by these APIs anytime, currently we are using https://www.cryptocompare.com/, https://openexchangerates.org/ & Binance api to detect crypto prices in real-time inside our plugin.
  • We do not deal inside cryptocurrency trading or buy/sell crypto related activities, we only sell a WordPress plugin inside this website which will help you to sell your products through cryptocurrency inside WooCommerce store.
  • We are not charging any fee for crypto transactions if you are using our plugin, our plugin is a web3 solution in which you will receive crypto directly inside your wallet address, means buyer pay directly to seller.
  • For any other query please contact our support team at https://coolplugins.net/support/ ⇗