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**Version 1.6.2 | 29 April 2024**

Added: Backup API for checking pending order status.
Fixed: Issue with USDT Coin on main networks.
Removed: Goerli ETH test network due to deprecation.

**Version 1.6.1 | 8 Jan 2024**

Fixed: Issue with Binance API for US region.

**Version 1.6 | 5 Jan 2024**

Added: Block support for WooCommerce checkout page.
Added: Error log support.
Fixed: issue with Openexchangerate API notice.
Fixed: Coupon code issue.
Improved: Textual messages.

**Version 1.5 | 11 Oct 2023**

Added: Integrated Connectkit library for secure and easy wallet connection.
Added: New payment flow for coin and network selection on checkout page.
Fixed: Large order price issue.
Improved: Login process user interface.
Improved: Refund process user interface.
Improved: Enhanced and optimized the overall plugin codebase.
Deprecated: Binance Wallet.

**Version 1.4 | 17 Aug 2023**

Fixed: Implemented a major security update.
Added: An additional security layer (hmac) to protect transactions.
Improved: Wallet connection process on the payment page if wrong network selected.
Improved: Enhanced and optimized the overall plugin codebase.

**Version 1.3.1 | 06 Jul 2023**

Added: Integrated WalletConnect V2 library.

**Version 1.3 | 20 Feb 2023**

New: Seamless login using crypto wallets.
New: Dedicated Crypto Wallet Login settings tab.
Added: Integration with Coinbrain API.
Added: Custom token price support via cryptocompare API.
Added: Admin notification for blocked Binance API.
Removed: Pancake Swap API.
Fixed: Rectified incorrect update notification issue.
Fixed: Addressed admin-side console error.
Fixed: Resolved contract address gas error.
Improved: Enhanced overall code quality.

**Version 1.2 |30 Nov 2022**

Added: WalletConnect support.
Added: Mobile compatibility with supported wallets.
Added: Wallet background UI color setting.
Added: Goerli Network (Testnet).
Removed: Rinkeby, Ropsten deprecated test networks.
Fixed: Order Processing issue.
Fixed: Issue with USDC coin price.
Improved: Saved transaction details on order payment confirmation.
Improved: Error handling.
Improved: Overall code.

**Version 1.1 |24 June 2022**

Added: Binance wallet Support.
Added: Wallets settings.
Added: Subscription product compatibility.
Added: Payment gateway upload logo option.
Fixed: MetaMask network change issue.
Improvements: Overall code.

–Initial Release—