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Quick Guide

Plugin Installation :-

  1. Go to the WordPress admin dashboard, Click on “Plugins” menu and click on “Add New”.
  2. Click on “Upload Plugin” and select the plugin file you have downloaded. Click “Install Now” to begin installation.
  3. Once the plugin is installed, click on Activate plugin button.
  4. Enter your license key in the “License” tab under WooCommerce >> Metamask Pro menu and click “Activate License” to activate it.

Configure Plugin Settings

  1. Go to the WooCommerce >> Metamask Pro >>Setting menu
  2. Click on “General Options” and add your payment address, Openexchangerates api key and select your conversion API
  3. Click on “Wallet” Tab and enter infura project id and enable the wallets you want to show.
  4. Click on “Networks/Chains” tab and enable all the networks or token you want to show.
  5. Click on “Login with crypto” tab and enable the places you wish to show login with crypto button.

Processing Payments

  1. Go to your website shop and add a product to the cart.
  2. Click on Proceed to checkout button.
  3. You will see “Meta Mask Pay box”. Select your payment network and currency. Then, click on place your order.
  4. Your Meta mask extension will open. If user doesn’t have the same network as selected while placing order then user have to switch the network otherwise you will get Pay with amount button.
  5. Once you click on pay with button then Meta mask extension will confirm the payment from you and the payment will be start processing. Once the payment is completed you will get payment completed notice.
  6. To check the payment transactions, Go to Woocommerce > Metamask Pro> Transactions menu.